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MP2 Harborlite

MP2 Harborlite


MP2 Harborlite media is the preferred choice where a High Purity, direct replacement is needed for Food Grade Harborlite perlite filter aid. With the exception of the acid washing purification step, the MP2 Harborlite perlite manufacturing process is similar to that of conventional Harborlite perlite filter aid. This similarity produces a media that minimises differences in filtration processes.

Studies show that after replacing Food Grade perlite filter aids with MP2 Harborlite media, extractable impurities are significantly reduced (Table 1).

Extractables Expressed as mg/kg of Filter Aid
  Harborlite® 900 (Food grade) MP2™Harborlite® 900
(High Purity grade)
Al 247 18.5
As 1.0 nd
Pb 1.0 0.5
Fe 30.2 6.0
Cu 1.5 1.0
*(nd) Below detectable limit

Table 1. Extractables expressed as mg/kg of filter aid extracted from 1-g samples incubated in 50-mL solutions. Solution: 0.1 N HCL. Incubation: 1h, manually stirred every 10 minutes.

MP2 Harborlite media was developed as a pharmaceutical grade CGMP alternative to Food Grade perlite filter aids. MP2 Harborlite media addresses the following CGMP needs that are unmet with Food Grade perlite filter aids:

  • Regulatory Support

  • Compendial standards

  • Purity

  • Manufacturing and process control

  • Packaging

For information on our production facility, serving the pharmaceutical industry, see High Purity Filter Media.

Intended Use of MP2 Harborlite Media

MP2 Harborlite media is intended for solid-liquid separation in conjunction with a pressure or vacuum filtration system. MP2 Harborlite media is available in a wide range of permeabilities.