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Chisso CPH Filter

Chisso CPH Filter


Chisso CPH Filters are high-heat-resistant, binder free, cartridge filters. CPH filters are constructed using 100% thermobondable polyester fiber. The stable pores are formed through thermobonding when the fibers come in contact with one another. Furthermore, there is an ideal fiber density gradient towards the center of each filter element.

Features & Benefits:

  • Stable filter rating

  • Long service life

  • High flow rate - Low differential pressure

  • Withstand high differential pressure

  • Very stable pore size and free of media migration

  • Excellent chemical compatibility

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  • Foods : Beer, Sake, Shouchu, Amino acid, Drinking water, Corn syrup, Juices, Edible oils etc.

  • Electronics : Cleaning water for IC-base, Etching solutions, Photoresists, Liquid crystals, Magnetic media, Ceramics etc.

  • Water Treatment : Cleaning water, Prefilter for ultra pure water etc.

  • Pharmaceuticals : Dialyzer, Drinking water, Cosmetics, Flavors etc.

  • Chemicals : Resins, Adhesives, Catalysts, Solvents, Surfactants etc.

  • Others : Gases, Compressed air, Lubrication oils, Dyes, Heat-sensitive colors etc.