Pharmaceutical Grade Filter Media

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Pharmaceutical Grade Filter Media

Pharmaceutical Grade Filter Media


At Pure Process we provide ErtelAlsop's "P" grade media, which is manufactured in accordance with our Drug Master File located at the US Food and Drug Administration Center for Drug Evaluation and Research (CDER). As a result, you're provided with the confidence you require when using ErtelAlsop Zeta-Pak® elements in your critical pharmaceutical or biotech applications. All pharmaceutical grade Zeta-Pak® filter cartridges are supplied with a "P" certificate, which states that the cartridges contained in that box conform with the information provided in our Validation Guide.

Our Pharma-Pak® housing is available for critical applications, where maintaining the integrity of the process is of the utmost importance.

Our Zeta Pak filters offer Highly Efficient Particle Retention as all Pak® cartridges utilize ErtelAlsop depth filter media, providing a wide range of particle retention with a high solid loading capacity. Media is available in various formulations, including 100% cellulose, cellulose with filter aid, and cellulose with activated carbon and filter aid. Nominal retentions range from 0.25 to 15 microns at 98% efficiency, when using a uniform solid particle in water. The complex matrix of fibers and particles of filter aid create a structure which allows for greater concentration of particles than most surface retention filter media. All ErtelAlsop filter media with filter aid and/or carbon, exhibit a positive Zeta-Potential over a wide pH range. This allows for the removal of negatively charged particles smaller than the pore size of the filter media, providing additional solid loading capacity.

Zeta Paks® are available in a variety of configurations based upon the following variables:

  • Media - Micro-Media®, Alpha-Media™, Micro-Clear™ (carbon), or Polypropylene, 19 grades in all

  • Diameter - 12" or 16"

  • Height - 71/2" or 107/8"

  • Add the AquaKv/Dri option for water removal (Up to 150 ounces per Pak®)

  • Number of cells from 5 to 18

  • Pharmaceutical grades available

  • Low Pyrogen grades available

  • Double-O-Ring or Flat Gasket End Cap

  • Gasket Material - Viton®, Buna-N, Neoprene,EPDM, Silicone, and Teflon® Encapsulated