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Mesh Filter Bags

Mesh Filter Bags


All mesh bags are constructed using a woven or knitted fabric. Whether your particular environment requires a single filament mesh that provides excellent strength with no fiber migration, or a woven multi-strand mesh designed for low-cost, disposable bags, Carl Stuart Ltd have your needs covered. The yarn in all of our mesh filter bags is extremely abrasion resistant, resistant to a broad range of chemicals, unaffected by metal fatigue or corrosion, and boasts high tensile strength.


  • Available in nylon monofilament, polyester multifilament, and polypropylene monofilament, offering broad range of chemical compatibility and price ranges

  • Monofilament mesh bags provide extra strength and abrasion resistance

  • Precision mesh materials produce predictable results for consistent performance

  • Offered in standard and custom sizes, providing a perfect fit for standard and unique applications

  • Offered in micron ratings 1-1500, with plastic and metal rings for versatility

  • Compacts for simple disposal to reduce costs

  • Silicone free to prevent cratering for a better surface finish

  • Prevents contamination during change-out for less product waste

Available Materials:

  • Nylon Monofilamen

  • Polyester Multifilament

  • Polypropylene Monofilament

  • Polyester Monofilament (requires special order)