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EA Series Recessed Chamber Press


EA Series Line of Recessed Chamber/Membrane Squeeze Plate Filter Presses

EA Series Filter Presses are among the most efficient means of liquid/solid separation through pressure filtration, either for solution filtration or sludge volume reduction. They provide a simple reliable method of high compaction pressure to compress and dewater solids into cakes of 25-60% total concentration. This system provides much clearer filtrate solutions than those that only remove free water.

Take for example, wastewater applications, such as metal hydroxides and alum sludges. In these, the slurries of wastewater are pumped through the chambers of the filter press. The filtrate passes through the filter cloth and the solids are retained. The solids collect on the cloth, forming an excellent filter. As additional solids are pumped into the chamber, solids continue to collect until the entire chamber is full of dewatered solids. At this point the press is cleaned and recycled.

Applications such as beer or wine may be clarified by pumping through a filter media like diatomaceous earth or cellulose filter aid. In the case of filtration, the retained solids are not important. It is the clarity of the filtrate that justifies the use of the filter press.

The filter press produces a recoverable solid such as dyestuff, or precious metals or may be used with the intent of reducing waste volume. In hazardous material applications, reducing the volume of waste is critical. A liquid slurry of hazardous metal hydroxide waste may be reduced from 40 drums of 1% solids to one drum of 40% solids. Such an improvement may economically justify the filter press in less than one month.

Typical applications include:

  • Process Filtration and Plate Washing

  • Pharmaceuticals and Biological Filtration

  • Chemicals

  • Clarification of Processed Fluids

  • Municipal Sludge Dewatering

  • Reduction of Waste Solids

  • Precious Metal Recovery

  • Food Processing

  • Saline Filtration

The EA Series Line is available in six different sizes for solids ranging from 0.5-300 cubic feet. Thirty-two (32mm) millimeter gasketed polypropylene plates are standard on all models, making these heavy-duty presses well suited for applications that require leak-free processing. Other standard features include an A36 Epoxy painted Steel Skeleton, 304 Stainless Steel Bar Wear Strips, Schedule 80 PVC Head Connections, Four Corner Discharge, Hydraulic Closure System, and Full Six Year Framework Warranty.

As with all ErtelAlsop presses, a full line of media is available. For further information on the EA Series Reem Chamber Press please see accompanying documentation.