E-1 Lab Filter (257mm diameter media)

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E-1 Lab Filter (257mm diameter media)

E-1 Lab Filter (257mm diameter media)


The E1 Cylinder filter is perfect for small batch filtration, and for use in the laboratory to simulate the results of full-scale filter equipment. It is a single disc, plate lab filter capable for test filtrations and small batch filtrations up to 40 liters. The E-1 filter unit is internally ported and capable of accepting standard depth media, cloth or paper media. No external elastomeric gaskets prevent cross contamination between products and batches and ensure quick and sanitary clean up.

The E-1 is recommended for batch sizes up to 18 Litres. Optional pumps and motors are available. The E-1 filter can be fitted with an inlet head to permit retention of filter cake for pre-coat and body feed applications.