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The Fundamix

The Fundamix®


The FUNDAMIX® is a universal device for mixing liquids in open or closed vessels, under vacuum or pressure, even in sterile conditions. It was invented and patented in the late 1960s by Dr. Hans Mueller and subsequently manufactured by Chemap AG under his ownership. The vibratory mixer product line was sold to Graber & Pfenningger GmbH in 1983 and was reacquired by DrM, Dr. Mueller AG in 2012 and renamed FUNDAMIX®.

The FUNDAMIX® - Good Vibrations!

The FUNDAMIX® is a sophisticated mixing device in which the mixing effect generated by high frequency vibration, created by a electromagnetic drive, is transferred throughout the length of a shaft to a perforated mixing plate having conical bores. The oscillation of the plate causes the liquid to be pumped through the conical holes, creating a flow according to the Bernoulli effect. The vertical mixing effect generates fast, homogenous product dispersion without a vortex and if needed, without surface movement, effectively reducing foam formation (type B).  Alternatively, if desired, an extremely strong surface movement is achievable in applications suited for light or even floating materials (type A). The key advantages of the FUNDAMIX® are low shear force, the absence of rotating parts (no mechanical seal needed), very low power consumption, low maintenance costs, a simplified tank design (no baffles and no vortex breakers are required), as well as high reliability and a long life span.

FUNDAMIX® is equipped with a simple membrane sealing unit that is perfectly suited for sterile environments due to the absence of abrasion and the ease of CIP/SIP. It can be used for pressures from full vacuum up to 5 barg or higher upon request. FUNDAMIX® mixers are available for installation in ATEX Zone 1 or with a special sealing unit allowing Zone 0 inside the vessel. If needed, an amplitude control system with a piezo sensor allows for measurement and adjustment of the amplitude to 0.1 mm accuracy.

Function principle of the mixing device

Depending on the orientation of the conical bores, different mixing types are available:

Mixer Plate Type A

Preferred mixer type shall always be type A with the conical bores facing upwards. Type A has higher efficiency due ti upward flow through the whole vessel. The plate can be mounted very low, so the mixable heel volume is reduced to a minimum.

Mixer Plate Type B

Mixer type B with the cones facing downwards has to be chosen if the product tends to sediment, creates foaming or no air shall be introduced during mixing. The distance to the bottom shall be approximately identical to the diameter of the plate.

Mixer Plate Type B with Gas Dispersion

If gas is injected through the shaft, plate type B has to be chosen. The liquid flows downwards distributing the fine gas bubbles in the vessel causing an excellent gas dispersion. Another well proven set up is to inject the gas between two plates to break the bubbles.


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