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Ultra Violet Light

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Ultraviolet light, at a specific wavelength of 254 Nm, has been utilized as a disinfection technique since the early 1900s. It can be described as a physical means of disinfection as it adds nothing to water but UV energy. UV light does not alter the smell, taste or odour of water; it simply targets the DNA material of micro-organisms present in a water supply and renders them incapable of reproduction. A micro-organism unable to replicate cannot breed colonies and therefore cannot infect. This is an extremely rapid process that does not require the long periods of contact time you would expect with chemical disinfectants, such as chlorine.

Whilst the majority of applications for UV are related to the treatment of water, it can also be used on any liquid capable of transmitting UV light. A typical example includes sugar syrups, used in the manufacturing of soft drinks. UV is also useful in reducing TOC levels in high purity water loops. In this instance, however, the desired wavelength is 185Nm. A further use for UV is found in the generation of Ozone. In this case the exposure of air to UV light produces the trivalent molecule of oxygen, which is a powerful oxidizing agent.

Pure Process can provide the following range of ultra violet sanitisation products: