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Bioprocess Solutions

Our Pure Process Consultants have over 50 years of combined experience in upstream and downstream processing within the Bioprocess space. We have multiple partnerships with innovative technology providers as well as an understanding of processes which enables us to work with our current and potential clients, developing and combining optimal solutions based on integrated multi-platform solutions.

Whether it is vaccine production, cell propagation, upstream processing (UP) or downstream processing (DSP), we start with a thorough understanding of your challenges and then help you develop lab, pilot, and final scaled-up solutions.

Biologicals processing presents specific challenges that have been partly met with existing technologies. However, we can offer innovative cell removal and cell debris removal after cell disruption with polishing technologies from DrM and Ertel Alsop.

The Pure Process team has unique insights applying depth filtration, DE filter aids, and cost-effective dynamic depth filtration (DDF), having worked with the blood plasma processing industry for over 25 years. We focus on scalable solutions providing maximum yield and minimal product loss during processing.

With the trend in biologicals production facilities embracing single use technologies (SUT) leading to smaller facilities, it is even more critical to have UP and DSP solutions that are flexible, single use (reduce cleaning and validation burden) and flexible enough to be redeployed in the everchanging process landscape. Pure Process offers solutions that meet these criteria.

Cell separation, polishing and low shear mixing solutions are applicable in the following areas:

  • Pre-membrane phases

  • Post-fermentation phases

  • Harvest separation

  • Clarification

  • Mammalian cell cultures

  • Cell lysates

  • Vaccines

  • Blood plasma proteins and serum

  • Media and buffer filtration

  • Virus removal

We offer flexible, scalable, and fast deployment solutions to meet the challenges of today's needs.

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Single Use Filtration Single Use Filtration

Innovative single use / multi-cycle system for cell removal, downstream processing for biologicals and vaccine production.

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Single Use Mixer Single Use Mixer

Non-rotating, vibration mixing in SU format for low shear but fast, effective mixing for buffer preparation, powder suspension and formulation.

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Polishing Filtration Polishing Filtration

Easily scalable large scale depth filtration technologies for polishing filtration compatible with other manufacturer’s systems and frames.

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Purification Purification

Process scale low TMP cross flow system for cell harvesting, broth filtration, biologicals concentration.

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