Bioprocessing Equipment

Bioprocessing Equipment
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Bioprocessing Equipment

Additional systems are needed for Pilot and Industrial processes to perform properly, and we have the appropriate technology to assist you.  We can supply the complete package,  including the fermentation growth media preparation, buffer preparation, holding or downstream process tanks, and CIP systems.


Process Tanks

  • Process plant tanks include media preparation tanks, feeding tanks, kill tanks, storage tanks and harvest tanks, among others

  • Skid units with stainless-steel frames, with or without steps, as required

  • Tanks with smaller volumes are normally integrated into the fermenter/bioreactor skid

  • Options include stirred / aerated

  • SIP/non-SIP configuration as required

  • Vibrational mixing or magnetic or mechanical agitation

  • These may be operated by an autonomous system or from the fermenter/bioreactor’s control system

CIP and SIP Systems

  • Single or multi-tank configurations as required

  • Stainless steel tanks for holding process water of different quality including deionized water, hot or cold water for injection (WFI) and from reverse osmosis units

  • Automated Multi-tank configuration on a CIP skid with sequence washing cyclic operations such as Washdown rinse, Acid wash, Alkaline wash, Washdown, Final wash

  • Variety of mixing system solutions including stirred, magnetic or vibrational

  • Customised systems to suit your products and application

  • Automatic or manual control can be specified

  • CIP processes are controlled by an operation panel that includes a touch screen HMI to configure washing processes such as the number of tasks / repetitions of tasks, volume of water, WFI, detergent dosage, the temperature of CIP fluid, washing pressure, purge (drainage of process equipment and CIP unit with compressed air) and more.

  • PED and ATEX certifiable