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Process Solutions

At Pure Process, we proudly provide industry-cost-effective solutions to process challenges by combining process experience with emerging technologies and goods. We have the expertise to help you scale-up or expand your operation with regular and customised solutions and technologies such as FUNDASHIELD for contained handling of sensitising or hazardous materials, whether you are manufacturing Chemicals, Catalysts, Precious Metals recycling, Battery Materials, Electronics Manufacture, Flavours, Beverages, Brewing, Coatings, Process Water, or Process Waste Streams.

To date, we have assisted many customers in taking their concepts from the lab to the pilot stage and beyond. We take a hands-on approach (on-site testing, pilot trials, etc.) and collaborate closely with customers, engineering companies, and consultants to produce the optimal results in the shortest time possible. Our growing network of partners complements what we do and helps us address changing process industry needs.

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Contained Liquid Filtration Contained Liquid Filtration

Fully contained, high-capacity batch and continuous filtration technology for high solids separation in polishing applications in hazardous environments.

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Membrane Filtration Membrane Filtration

Microfiltration, Ultrafiltration, Nanofiltration, and Reverse Osmosis systems for lab, pilot and production scale, custom designed to meet specific duties.

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Customised Hardware Customised Hardware

Comprehensive range of filter vessels – modified-standards, custom designed pressure vessels or fully automated filtration plant and solid separation systems.

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Filter Press & Solids Separation Technologies Filter Press & Solids Separation Technologies

Comprehensive range of filter presses, squeeze presses and contained presses for solvents for a wide range of industrial applications and solids recovery processes.

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Bespoke Solutions and Skids for Process Challenges Bespoke Solutions and Skids for Process Challenges

Scaled-up process solutions to meet specific customer process needs with full flexibility of manual, semi-automated or fully automated turn-key skid systems.

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Complementary Process Technologies Complementary Process Technologies

GMP grade DE filter aid and processing technologies for downstream processing of biologicals addressing the large-scale processing challenges.

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