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Filter Aids / Diatomaceous Earth

Pure Process is committed to providing High Purity Filter Aids and cGMP compliant Filter Aid for the API, Pharmaceutical and Biopharmaceutical markets. We only support applications in these critical markets with products like Celpure® and USP-NF grade filter aids (AW Hyflo Super-Cel NF® from Advanced Minerals, produced in a dedicated, FDA registered plant on the Celite® Filter site in Lompoc (USA), and are subject to full source and change controls. The proprietary process reduces extractables to back ground levels and produces a filter aid that is consistent and reproducible. We help existing users of filter aids migrate to fully compliant products to meet current regulatory demands. As the logistics chain for the high purity filter aids and excipients in the UK and Ireland we manage change control with end users.

Only the cGMP grades from Celite® meet EMEA Guideline 410/01 Rev 2 and come with BSE / TSE free certification.