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Polishing Filtration

Single-use Depth Filters are fast gaining acceptance in downstream processing of high-value products. They allow fast scale-up and use in applications such as polishing post centrifugation, cell removal and cell debris polishing. However, each manufacturer has unique hardware, locking the end- user into a single supply. This can present challenges if the supplier has capacity issues. We have developed a solution for these challenges: Our SU large capsule filters can fit Pall and 3M Cuno chassis (frames) giving you flexibility and supply assurance.

Our Zeta Pak and MicroCap Pro modules are constructed from high purity filter media with high purity DE Celpure® – particularly important as these steps tend to be further downstream where the product value has increase and fast deployment (reduced or no flushing, saving time, buffer and unnecessary product dilution) is critical, meaning shorter processing times and higher product recovery and yields.

Single-Use Depth Filtration Capsules for Large-Scale Processing

Polishing Filtration

The MicroCap Pro single-use filtration system is a lightweight alternative to conventional production-scale depth filtration. This ground-breaking disposable microfiltration system is purposely designed for large-scale microfiltration, being a multipurpose solution for:

  • Pilot-scale Processing

  • Production-Scale Processing

  • Converting to Single-Use System

The Most Scalable, Versatile, and Simple Filtration System

Available in 3 sizes, the MicroCap Pro System offers a complete range of products, suited for easy scalability and a smooth transition from a lab-scale to a production-scale setting. The whole filter media suite is a single-use entity built for convenience and for clean, fast sterilisation, just like the smaller version of the MicroCap product line. The MicroCap Pro Capsules are very industry-friendly, being compatible with other brand chassis, becoming one of the most versatile microfiltration systems in the market.

Benefits of the MicroCap Pro Single-Use Depth Filtration System



Completely disposable capsules

  • Simplifies pre- and post-filtration sterilization protocols

  • Safer than reusable systems

  • One-time validation, saving you time and money

Uses premier MicroMedia: XL Series with Celpure® diatomite
or MicroClear with activated carbon

  • Reliable and replicable results

  • Maximize throughput

  • Lot-to-lot consistency

  • Low extractables

  • Optimize downstream membrane protection

  • Minimize risk

Scalability and flexibility

  • Scalable

  • Large batch capabilities

  • An intuitive process with the ready-to-use platform

Ergonomic design

  • User-friendly

  • Faster changeouts

Universal capsules

  • Available in 3 sizes

  • Compatible with most other company chassis