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Single Use Filtration

We work closely with DrM Switzerland who manufacture a range of single-use technologies for downstream processing, perfectly suited to today's fast deployment and flexible requirements. Process solutions ranging from filtration to single use Mixing by vibration, complementing Pure Process' expertise, and focussing on solving processing challenges using the knowledge gained over four combined decades working with the pharmaceutical industry.

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Single-Use Filtration Technology

Single Use Filtration Technology

The pioneering single-use filters CONTIBAC® SU and FUNDABAC® SU radically reduce your operating costs and prolong the lifetime of your subsequent DSP equipment. In biopharmaceutical processes, they provide the ideal alternative to disposable filter cartridges for cell harvesting and clarification.

The single-use filters from DrM consist of numerous vertically aligned filter components packed into a fully contained plastic enclosure. The plastic enclosure is similar to a bag and is placed inside a transparent pressure vessel. The bag is then fed with cell suspension, combined with diatomaceous earth (DE -filter aid material). The interior filter elements are covered by a filter membrane and are designed for cake filtration. The membrane serves as a support for the porous filter cake which performs the filtration and is formed during operation. The cake consists of cell material and DE.

The bag is squeezed by introducing compressed air into the pressure vessel once the cake has expanded to its full size, filtering the volume of the heel. Consequently, the flow rate is considerably intensified when compared to conventional filter cartridges. Though, more significantly, in the following step, the filter membrane is regenerated by backflushing the cake with either WFI or buffer.

The lower port of the CONTIBAC® SU permits the discharge of the washed down cake cyclically, enabling the deployment of considerably smaller filters for large batch or continuous bioreactors, as the cycles are repeated until the batch is finished. Whereas in situations where the cell material must continue contained inside the filter bag, the FUNDABAC® SU which does not feature a discharge port can be used.

Advantages & Technical Information

  • High efficiency

  • Enhanced yield in cell recovery and enzyme recovery operations

  • Decreased reactor downtime due to reduced cleaning and validation requirements

  • Pre-sterilised and validated filter enclosure available for pharma/biotech applications

  • External pressure, reducing the heel volume and compaction of solid waste

  • Fully enclosed containment made completely with plastics ensuring safe handling and disposal of hazardous components

  • Multi-layered plastic bag providing superior robustness



Filter Bag

Polyethylene PE

Filter Elements

PPolyethylene PE

Filter Housing

PPolysulfone PSU / Stainless Steel



Connector Material



FDA 21 CFR 177
Animal free material


Max. Operating Pressure

Up to 4 Bar (g)

Max. Temperature

Up to 50ºC

Sterilisation Method

Gamma Sterilised or X-Ray Sterilised

Batch Volume

Up to 1 lt, 5 lt, 10 lt, 100 lt, 200 lt, 1000 lt.

Filtration Area

Customised, available in various sizes*


Hose Barb, Tri-Clamp, Sterile/Aseptic Connector, Luer

Single Use Filtration