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Solids Separation

As process engineering partners for Dr Muller (Dr.M) Switzerland, we offer the FUNDABAC® systems for solids separation. These versatile filters can be offered for process specific manual or fully automatic operation.

The FUNDABAC® Filter family comprises a series of equipment, specifically adapted for the process industries, with high demand on quality and productivity. With its fully enclosed operation, it has become the industry standard for highly automated production plants throughout the world. Due to the modular construction of the filtering elements, it allows for large scale units in various materials, including plastic.

FUNDABAC® systems are mainly applied for solid/liquid separation in the chemical, chlor alkali, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, food, and other processing industries.

The equipment has a unique design for the separation of solids, ranging from 0.5 to 100 microns particle size in liquid streams. It can be fully automated for both slurry and dry discharge.

The FUNDABAC® family of filtration technologies are ideally suited to harsh environments, requiring containment and safe handling of solvents, acids, bases, and pyrophoric catalyst systems. The enclosed and automated operation, with optional contained discharge, will make this the ideal solution for low OEL applications.