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Single Use Mixer

Our partner, DrM Life Science focuses on developing unique processing solutions for the pharmaceutical and biotech industries.

Their mixing solutions are based on an innovative vibratory drive with much higher efficiency and significantly less shear when compared to traditional equipment. The mixing equipment is an innovative product used in downstream processes. Both product categories can be provided in stainless steel and single-use design. Ancillaries such as valves for single-use operation are also available.

We use vibration and non-rotational mixing technology for low shear mixing for shear sensitive products. The technology is also very effective in low energy input but fast mixing - ideally for use in buffer preparation, fermentation pH and DO control with minimal lag.

Single-Use Mixing Technology

Single Use Mixer Technology

A new type of single-use mixing device, the FUNDAMIX® SU has been developed by DrM, combining the proven high-performance FUNDAMIX® mixing technology (over 1900 stainless steel executions) with the advantages of a closed and disposable plastic enclosure. A large variety of connections facilitate a scalable and versatile approach to production chain design. For biotech applications, the bags for our single-use mixer are supplied pre-sterilized, eliminating the need for cleaning/sterilization processes as CIP/SIP are no longer required.

The FUNDAMIX® SU offers several exclusive features of the traditional FUNDAMIX® technology, such as low shear force yet powerful mixing action, making it perfectly suited for homogenisation, powder suspension, pH adjustment, media preparation, fermentation and many other common biotech process operations.

Key advantages

    Shear Sensitive Products
  • A fully enclosed environment made from plastics, ensuring secure handling and disposal of components

  • Strong and reusable steel shaft to transfer energy effectively to the mixing plate

  • A variety of standard connector types, available in numerous materials

  • Sturdy multi-layered bag film, providing a barrier against gas and high chemical resistance.

  • Different bag volumes available

  • Eliminates the chance of particulate generation caused by plastic-on-plastic friction, due to no dynamic sealing.

  • Connects effortlessly to all FUNDAMIX® drive devices

  • Adaptable connectors for instrumentation and reactants feed

  • Totally sealed shaft connection, allowing a rapid and effortless bag assembly

  • Chemically resistant and robust polymer plate for high quality mixing

  • Bottom mounted outlet port allowing homogenisation during draining



Mixing Bag

Polyethylene PE

Mixing Plate

Polyethylene PE

Mixing Housing

Stainless Steel or Plastic

Connector Material



FDA 21 CFR 177
Animal free material


Operating Pressure


Max. Temperature

Up to 50ºC

Temperature Control

Heating Jacket (on vessel)

Sterilisation Method

Gamma Sterilised or X-Ray Sterilised

Batch Volume

Up to 1 lt, 5 lt, 10 lt, 100 lt, 200 lt, 1000 lt.

Connector Type

Hose Barb, Tri-Clamp, Sterile/Aseptic Connector, Luer