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Complementary Process Solutions
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Complementary Process Solutions

Process control and monitoring includes pressure control and monitoring, gas mixing and blending, calibration, and validation. We at Pure Process offer ALICAT Scientific’s process line range of Mass Flow Controllers, Gas Flow Controllers and Meters, Pressure Controllers for food and beverage, Glass and Optical Fibre, Process Control, Vacuum Coating and Chemical Vapour Deposition applications.

Produce and package long-lasting food and beverage items

To ensure consistency and quality, food, and beverage manufacturing need tight process controls. Keeping vegetables, meat, and packaged items fresh and with a longer shelf life necessitates the removal of oxygen, which demands the addition of other, nonreactive gases such as CO2 or N2. Carbonating beverages in a consistent and repeatable manner necessitates accounting for variations in ambient variables during the carbonation operation.

Gas Flow Controllers and Meters for Food and Beverage

Controlling gas flows and pressures in each of these situations guarantees that the food is delivered with the freshness, crunch, or creaminess that customers expect.

Blanketing with on-site-mixed gases removes the requirement for pre-mixed gases and provides for simple traceability of all package materials.

Dosing, even at extremely low flows, preserves quality control by precisely introducing additives into your goods.

Aeration, carbonation, or nitrogenating give the bubbles or creaminess that customers crave.

Achieve high-purity preforms and draw low-loss glass and optical fibre

Consistency and repeatability in high-purity glass processing environments are critical to ensure that the millions of kilometres of glass and optical fibre manufactured each year can maximize transmission and enable us to build the infrastructure for 5G.

Using mass flow valves to manage inert, shielding, and dopant gases rather than isolated valves provides full system visibility and control while improving uniformity and yields. Automatic modification to adapt for ambient air conditions, unforeseen weather occurrences, or barometric pressure fluctuations will not result in lost batches at your exterior draw towers.

Mass flow control ensures constant fuel and shielding gas supply, resulting in a consistent end product with full batch-to-batch reproducibility.

Mass Flow Control using Alicat Flow Controllers


Develop and test high-efficiency hydrogen fuel cell and electrolysis technologies

Recent hydrogen economy innovations have raised demand for extremely efficient, hydrogen-based energy production. The key to presenting hydrogen fuel cell and electrolysis technology as a viable alternative to hydrocarbon combustion is to develop and test cutting-edge, scalable hydrogen infrastructure technologies. Hydrogen fuel cells produce energy while emitting practically net zero carbon dioxide, allowing for more effective storage and usage of energy from alternative renewable sources. Using equipment that are resistant to external vibrations and have Zone 2 ATEX certifications, as well as remote sensors and valves, guarantees that your flow and pressure settings are never impacted by external vibrations.

Stand up  interface displays enable you to completely operate your instruments without the need for a PLC connection, even for applications demanding precise adjustment..

Even when external circumstances vary and alter, multigas switching without corrective k-factors maintains your flow and pressure readings accurate.

Multivariate devices show flow and pressure simultaneously, allowing monitoring and control of several system parameters from a single instrument.

Multivariate devices to show flow and pressure simultaneously

Thin film deposition settings should be optimized for optimal throughput and film quality

Gas delivery into vacuum coating systems need quick reaction and precise control to assure uniformity and the desired characteristics of the coatings. This high degree of uniformity enables effective thin film depositions in a variety of applications, including chemical vapor deposition for high-quality synthetic diamonds and sputtering for photovoltaic coatings.

Differential pressure-based mass flow controllers can mimic the shape of legacy devices while outperforming them in function, allowing for greater performance without compromising current systems. 316L stainless steel and FFKM elastomers provide compatibility with corrosive gases and severe elements.

There is no warm-up period. Deposition cycles may begin immediately once the flow devices are turned on, allowing the process to scale up.

Response time in milliseconds. Deposition is extremely dynamic; flow and pressure controls respond instantly to rapid process condition changes, reducing losses and increasing yields.

Compatibility with many gases. Various deposition processes need different gas compositions. Alicat mass flow controllers provide a single device for all your configurations, with no correction factors to ensure accuracy while keeping your system slim.

Alicat Mass Flow Controllers