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Depth Filter

Depth Filters from Pure Process

Depth filters are comprised of a wide range of filter media and formats, from paper to lenticular cartridges, or candle, basket or tubular filters. The filter media can be cellulose, polypropylene, bi-component polypropylene & polyethylene, or polyester. Glass fibre and sintered metal or woven metal fibres can all be converted to filter devices, to meet your particular process application requirements.

These media can be formed into various filter formats:

  • depth filter cartridges

  • pleated filter cartridges

  • lenticular filter cartridges

  • sheet filters

  • Zeta Pak filter cartridges

Depth filters retain contaminants in the tortuous path made of the filter fibre matrix. A specific feature of depth filters is their high flow rate capabilities combined with very high dirt holding capacity, making them ideal as the final filter in industrial applications or as a pre-filter to finer membrane type filters, extending their service life.

Pure Process provide a comprehensive range of depth filter media. For more information on Depth Filters please see the accompanying documentation.

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Chisso BM Filter Chisso BM Filter Pure Process offer the BM FILTER range of depth filters. These absolute rating cartridge filters are constructed using 100% ultra fine polypropylene fibes, developed solely by Chisso. The BM filters have continuously finer fibers from outside to inside and are thermobonded where the fibers come into contact with each other. Thus, the stable pores are formed and an ideal fiber density gradient is obtained. Enquire about this product View details
Chisso CHP Filter Chisso CPH Filter Chisso CPH Filters are high-heat-resistant, binder free, cartridge filters. CPH filters are constructed using 100% thermobondable polyester fiber. The stable pores are formed through thermobonding when the fibers come in contact with one another. Furthermore, there is an ideal fiber density gradient towards the center of each filter element. Enquire about this product View details
Filter Media Filter Media Available in all cellulose or treated with filter aids such as activated carbon and diatomaceous earth, our line of precision-machined media ( in over 19 different grades) is used in filtration/separation applications, from small batch runs through to large scale production. Enquire about this product View details
Lenticular Filter Lenticular Filter At Pure Process we supply Lenticular Filter Cartridges (Pak®). Key features of ErtelAlsop Paks® include high efficiency filter media of 0.25 to 15 microns and nominal plus Zeta-Potential enhanced removal. These filter media are constructed of materials like polypropylene or stainless steel, with a choice of gasket material. Enquire about this product View details
Pharmaceutical Grade Filter Media Pharmaceutical Grade Filter Media All pharmaceutical grade Zeta-Pak® filter cartridges are supplied with a "P" certificate, which states that the cartridges contained in that box conform with the information provided in our Validation Guide. Enquire about this product View details